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Wood species we process in our wood industry


Oak has narrow yellowish-white annual wood rings, while the middle is light to dark brown color. ...

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Wood texture is very similar to oak, but is characterized by its light yellowish color. It is als...

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The color of the wood is light brown and the texture of the wood is hard and fibrous. In many par...

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Cherry's wood texture is characterized by a gentle and warm reddish / pink color,  also as a tree...

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Walnut is characterized by dark, homogeneous texture and extremely massive wood. During the histo...

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Maple tree is characterized by a light yellow pleasant texture, in which positive irregularities ...

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Black poplar

Black poplar wood is soft but easy to handle and is often used in carpentry production. The color...

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Fir / Spurce

Fir and spruce have very similar technical characteristics of wood. It has longevity because of t...

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Larch wood is highly valued in the construction wood industry. Larch is also easy to handle, its ...

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Elm is characterized by its high strength similar as oak and ash, his structure is different, gen...

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It is characterized by easy and good wood processing, durability, contrast and beautiful yellow-b...

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Wild pear

Wild pear as a tree features a gentle wavy texture that goes from orange to light brown. In rusti...

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