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Elm is characterized by its high strength similar as oak and ash, his structure is different, gentle with the appearance of characteristic dark discoloration in the lines. Color varies from dark brown to light brown. From field elm we produce quality piece furniture (chests of drawers, kitchens, bedrooms, tables, chairs), classic parquet and rustic flooring.

Field elm (Ulmus minor Mill.) is a native species that grows in lowland forest stands and belongs to “noble hardwood”. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the 20th century field elm was affected by the phytopathogenic fungi disease Ophiostoma ulmi  and cause pandemia. That dieseas made complete devastation of forest stands. Lowland forests have consists of the three main types of trees: pedunculate oak, narrow leafed ash and field elm, but the elm is exterminated because disease. However, field elm as species is available in small quantities and represents a unique product.

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