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Oak Parquet “Natur” selection for the first Museum in town Novska

Wooden flooring is a long lasting and elegant choice for interior decoration. Classic solid wood paruqet are made of real wood which has hardness and quality. Our floors are made from natural materials. Classic parquet creates the impression of a comfortable and warm interior.

“…When you’re walking and seeing the exhibits of the first official museum in the town of Novska – the Sajko Museum Collection, you need to know that you are walking on the oak parquet “Nature class”, made of Oak wood (Q.robur L.) that grew in the Novska area. Completely dried and processed exceptionally for this museum interior where this beautiful story closes completely…”

For many years, oak has been the most wanted type of wood in the choice of classic solid wood flooring. We are proud to produce Slavonian oak parquet flooring throughout the world, recognized wood type for its exceptional quality and beauty.

Also, our parquets are made from other high quality types such as ash, maple, beech, acacia, elm, cherry, walnut in each interior emphasize elegant and modern or traditional style.



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