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Renovation of the PISMO Business Incubator Building

We have participated in the renovation of the building of the Entrepreneurial Incubator PISMO located at the Luka Ilić Oriovčanin Square in Novska. An very demanding project of outdoor and interior joinery in the original Austrian-Hungarian form. Namely, the building was built at the end of the 18th century in the Secesian style of construction and was one of the most beautiful buildings of that time. The restoration required restoring the look of the original state as well as improving the energy efficiency of the forgotten beauty.

Entrance double leaf door is made of high quality larch wood according to the image set by the Conservation Department of Sisak. To improve energy efficiency, “Iso Low” glass are built into the doors. The black hard grid further protect and glossy decent doors.

The windows are also made of high quality wood of larch according to the original shape of the sample from the Austian-Hungarian style object.

The interior of the building are characterized by a white massive room doors. Finally, the classical solid oak parquet is laid on the floors, giving the room warmth and natural appearance. Now this novel beauty is welcoming its new tenants and entrepreneurs.




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